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A FEW of MY favorite things...

My promise to you, I personally use the products listed below or have witnessed their greatness and think they could elevate you travel experience. If you purchase from the links on this page, I will receive a very small commission as an Amazon Associate. 

                                    ~ Jennifer H

Travel Must Haves..


Let's talk making travel easier ..... The sanitizing wipes are great for making sure your hands and surfaces are clean..... 

And last but definitely not least is the wrinkle release spray. Who has time to iron or even wants to? Not this girl.. I spray and hang up, it's ready for me when dinner rolls around and I need to dress up little. 


Fans.... what can I say? I am one hot natured girl... I need a breeze all the time. I take at least one of these with me on every trip I take. They are all great little fans, just 3 different sizes. 


Everyone needs a charger of some sort for traveling... EU to US, USB's, several different accessory types, multi-ends, for your iPhone, batter packs for days of travel.... here are the links to my all time favorites. PLUS a case to keep them in. 


Do you need a new piece of luggage? These are great finds. I have the red and hubby has the same i green. The champagne is my go to BIG suitcase.The smaller carry on is perfect for all of this items you need to keep with you. Do you need a kettle extra space to carry on? Add this duffel with a trolley sleeve.  It's all about the size you need. I like having the options.I personally love these packing cubes. I have them for myself in red and my husband in black. It makes in travel unpacking a breeze, just toss the cube I'm a drawer in or on a shelf. Don't forget the locks, keep your stuff safe! For all of your small things that you can't live without, keep them together in these packing envelopes. I always have a pop up hamper when traveling to keep dirties in on place. Shoe rack is perfect for that extra space on a cruise ship. It's not just for shoes, you can put sunscreen, socks, undies, just about anything in those clear pockets. Go too, Kitsch, perfume mini holders, these just make it so easy to take your favorite products with you without taking a big bottle. Magnet hooks work great in cruise cabins for lanyards, hats and such. Mini candles are perfect to put in the bathroom so that you

have a night-light. Looking for a small door sign for that cruise, these personalized name plates are magnets and PERFECT!!!! You can leave it in your suitcase as it takes up no space at all. Don't forget the luggage scale, we all know the airlines doesn't play when it comes to weight of luggage.....


I love this TravelPro backpack. It is perfect for me to pack my work necessities for a day trip or a two week vacation. My husband loves his tactical backpack. It has plenty of room and has additional add ons you can purchase. This cute little Baggallini purse is AMAZING. I love it so much that I use it a lot for everyday.... Passport holders, RFID items, credit card wallets.... the one I use depends on the trip. They are all great. Poo spray keeps the bathroom smelling fresh. =) 


Sunscreens.... There are a gazillion out there. These are a few of my favorites, from reef friendly to sensitive skin, lotions to sprays, even mineral powder for the face. Individual makeup removers are so awesome because I pack how many I need, not the whole big bag. Don't forget to pack a good chapstick. O'Keefe's has become my favorite, I use it daily.


Everyone nerd s phone holder, be it waterproof or not. These waterproof are perfect to take in the ester. The lanyard.... let me tell you, this has become one of my all time favorite items. I just love it. I wear it cross body. 


We all know you get a headache, motion sick, a cut or scape and need something while on a trip. I keep Bacitracin Zinc in my med bag at home and for travel. I also wouldn't be caught without Dramamine Less Drowsy or Meclizine. I keep the small tube in my purse and big bottle in my bag.  


This is my new favorite travel shawl/lightweight blanket. It's so soft and fits perfectly in my carryon. A must have for every beach trip, this cute coverup is the perfect accessory. Don't forget a sun hat, this one allows for a pony tail. YAY!!!


A great travel umbrella, you never know when a shower will pop up. 

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